About Us

I Way Life Care Pvt Ltd has been incorporated to provide High quality of World Class Products is ensured with sourcing of finest ingredients from the best manufacturers across the world. We have developed some range of daily consumable products in Health care, Personal care, Home care, FMCG & Traditional products according to the Market Price easily available at your doorstep. Being associated with different organization as we came across different flavors and taste we decided to build an platform where in we can deliver the best out of that crowd.

Looking at the current scenario and unemployment we are here to provide you great business opportunity where in you can earn money, fulfill your dreams and lead a luxurious life. The Future growth rate will spoke the volumes about the high quality products, best marketing plan and with the strong management system would have able to deliver such rewarding and secure platform.

Why Us?

Jyesthaa Life Care Providing Us a New Generation Best Marketing Plan along with Quality products according to the daily need in equavalent to the Market Price


Founder, I Way Life Care Pvt Ltd

LaiBudha is the Founder of I Way Life Care Pvt Ltd. He is an eminent personality with vast and rich experience in financial industries. He is decisive, action oriented visionary and inspiring leadership in initial turbulent personality and having over 8 years experience in Financial Services. He has rich experience of working on multi level business & network having over 24 years. He was instrumental factor in the inorganic growth of the company to a 20,000+ members organisation in the less than one year. Being a pioneer advertising technology start-ups LaiBudha worked with Bulls Capital, Bengaluru with trading Market(Foreign Exchange).

He is proficient in the leadership and his keen insight & judgement brings excellence in the functioning of the company, its Board of Committees. He has deep commitments towards the achievement of organizational goals and has also played a key role in installing principles of women empowerment in the functioning of the company. His foresight and business acumen has propelled the company towards achieving it goals. At different points, he has been critical in maintaining relationship with different stakeholders and brings with him wide expertise for proper functioning of the company. A leader par excellence, he manages the overall affairs and has contributed substantially in enhancing the profitability of the leadership and soft skills.

He also an international referee of Sepak Takraw, Administration manager in News World India, Noida and member of various social welfare organizations and trust.